Injured In A Motor Vehicle Accident?

California is a challenging environment in which to drive a vehicle. There are millions of drivers, tens of thousands of miles of highway, massive urban areas, desolate rural areas, mountains, deserts and the ocean. The combination can be deadly. The Bay Area is home to millions of motorists, hilly winding roads and challenging weather conditions. Add to that drivers who are drunk, distracted or daydreaming, and it's lucky you make it home safely every day.

Experience Handling Car Accident Cases

But if you have been involved in a car or truck accident, you need help and you need it quickly. Our attorney at the Law Offices of Mark Basil Pappas can help. We have worked with many individuals involved in a variety of car, truck and motorcycle accidents. We have more than 30 years of experience and can help you obtain the proper medical care for your injuries, deal with the insurance and legal aspects of your crash.

Motor Vehicle Accidents Are Complex

With any type of motor vehicle accident, there are many issues. There is the documentation of the physical scene of the accident. If you can take pictures with your phone, they will be helpful. There is seeing to it that your injuries are checked out by a doctor and that you receive the proper treatment to help you recover. There is the filing of insurance claims with your carrier or obtaining payment from the negligent driver's company. The company may call wanting to record a statement.

The advantage of working with our attorney, Mark Pappas, is that we have experience working with all aspects of your claim's process, from dealing with insurance to bringing a case to court. We have done this all before. That experience can save you time and frustration and helps to allow you to receive the maximum compensation from your crash.

Don't Delay: Call For Help Today

We know how difficult it can be to recover from injuries after a crash. You may be out of work, recovering from your physical injuries. You may need to replace your vehicle. You may be stressed coping with all this and dealing with the insurance and legal issues. There are deadlines, and evidence becomes more difficult to obtain. We can help you, reduce your stress and get you on the road to recovery.

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